A frog in the garden (or not)

Following his visit to Silwood Park Campus, Dr Johan Oldekop (University of Manchester) has added data collected in Ecuador in 2008 and 2009 to the BIOFRAG project. Johan recorded identity and number of frogs, beetles and fern and their changes along linear transects set up in five communities running from individual households to the interior of the nearest forest. Ultimately, this will help him in his quest looking at how socio-economic factors and land-use in indigenous Kichwa communities translate into environmental impacts and whether these impacts feedback to the communities themselves in the form of local management regimes.

Oldekop JA, Bebbington AJ, Truelove NK, Tysklind N, Villamarín S & Preziosi R (2012) Co-abundance patterns of common and rare leaf-litter frogs, epiphytic ferns and dung beetles across a gradient of human disturbance. PLoS One (in press)


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