BIOFRAG at EEF congress in Rome and Writing up

BIOFRAG has presented findings at the EEF congress in Rome as invited talk (symposium organised by Dr Luis Cayuela). The talk can be found here: 2015_Marion_Talk_Rome_v1. We have done an overhaul on the way we analyse edge responses of species and taxonomic groups and on the way we quantify the fragmentation impact. The new metric, for which we still need to find that perfect name (e.g. the BIOFRAG metric), allows comparisons across taxa and landscapes. It seems to work so we are currently adding some analyses and will be writing it up for a paper soon. In the presentation, I also touch upon how we could use biophysical attributes (linking to my Global LAI project) to map continuous habitat quality maps, which we can use in the modelling to understand biodiversity responses to land use change. Drop me an email if you want to know more about this.



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