BIOFRAG’s approach to delineate fragments in a landscape and characterise fragment traits

BIOFRAG uses a new methodological approach to delineate and characterise forest patches in a given forested landscape and to quantify the impact of forest fragmentation on biodiversity in the landscape. Thereby, we avoid problems associated with metrics generated by FRAGSTAT such as collinearity between shape metrics, biased delineation of patches, and biased estimates of patch perimeter, an important component of shape metrics.

  • Employing the Watershed Algorithm to delineate patches and create ecologically meaningful fragments
  • Describe patches using two new distinct descriptors: compactness and smoothness

These new metrics will be used in the biodiversity response modelling. Want a couple more details? Vero presented her poster at the recent Science@SAFE workshop ( Lefebvre et al. 2012: Capturing Ecological Properties of Fragmented Landscapes. Novel Image Processing Based Methods.


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