Mammals; Community

Trina Rytwinski, Carleton University: Canada

Richard Young, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust: Montserrat (West Indies)

Dr Matt Struebig, University of Kent: Malaysia

Dr Victoria Lantschner, CONICET, Bariloche: Argentinia

Dr Konstans Wells, University of Ulm: Sabah (Malaysia)

Dr Brian Klingbeil and Dr Michael Willig, University of Connecticut: Peru

Laura Cisneros and Dr Michael Willig, University of Connecticut: Costa Rica

Birds; Community

Dr Ben Phalan, University of Cambridge: Ghana

Charlie Marsh, Imperial College London: Comoros Islands

Dr Cristina Banks-Leite, Imperial College London: Brazil

Prof Dr Hugh Possingham, The University of Queensland: Australia

Prof Luc Lens, Ghent University: Kenya

Prof Phil Stouffer, Lousiana State University: Brazil

Dr Eric Wood, University of Wisconsin: US

Dr Stephanie Melles, Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Aquatic Research and Development: Canada

Dr Alexis Cerezo, University of Buenos Aires: Guatemala

Dr Richard Robinson, Department of Environment and Conservation, Manjimup, WA: Australia

Reptiles and Amphibia; Community

Richard Young, Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust: Montserrat (West Indies)

Dr Felix Eigenbrod, University of Southampton: Canada

Prof J Nicolas Urbina-Cardona, Pontificia Universidad Javeriana Bogotá: Mexico

Neil D’Cruze, The World Society for the Protection of Animals: Madagascar

Guido Fabian Medina-Rangel, Instituto de Ciencias Naturales, Universidad Nacional de Colombia: Colombia

Dr Eduardo Somarriba, CATIE: Costa Rica, Guatemala, Panama , Honduras, Nicaragua

Prof James Watling, John Carroll University, US

Insects; Community

Charlie Marsh, Imperial College London: Comoros Islands, Brazil

Dr Danilo Ribeiro, Universidade Estadual de Campinas: Brazil

Dr Eleanor Slade, University of Helsinki and Wildlife Conservation Research Unit: UK

Dr Joseph Hawes, University of East Anglia: Brazil

Charlotte Owen: UK

Robert M Ewers, Imperial College London: New Zealand

Thibault Lachat, WSL: Benin

Prof Heraldo Vasconcelos, Universidade Federal de Uberlandia, Brazil

Dr Dirk Mezger (

Prof Jason Tylianakis, University of Canterbury: Ecuador

Dr Jos Barlow, University of Lancaster: Brazil

Dr Toby Gardner, University of Cambridge: Brazil

Snails; Community

Dinarzarde C. Raheem, Natural History Museum London: Sri Lanka

Plants; Community

Dr Bill Laurance, Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute: Brazil

Dr Annette Kolb, University of Bremen: Germany

Prof Joerg Brunet, Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre: Sweden

Dr Tamara Heartsill and Prof Ariel E. Lugo: Puerto Rico, Luquillo Long-Term Ecological Research

Dr Lander Baeten, Department of Forest and Water Management, Gent University: Belgium

Dr Thor Hanson, North Cascades Institute, US

Various taxonomic groups; Community

Dr Toby Gardner, Dr Jos Barlow and colleagues: the JARI long-term monitoring project in Brazil

Dr Deborah Faria and colleagues: the Rede SISBIOTA project in Brazil

Dr Richard Robinson: the ForestCheck project in Australia

Dr Victor Arroyo-Rodriguez: Paisajes Fragmentados in Mexico


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