Call for Data

The BIOFRAG project is calling for datasets. Have you seen our Nature paper? Want to join to:

(1) Advance our understanding of biodiversity responses to habitat fragmentation across taxonomic groups and biogeographic regions?

(2) Increase the impact of your research by allowing us to develop the evidence base for conservation and management strategies?

(3) Discuss novel project ideas with fellow fragmentation scientists and use the BIOFRAG data for some cool analyses?

This is how you can join us: 

Did you record species abundance or presence/abundance data in a fragmented forested landscape, ideally measuring in plots within habitats and in surrounding land uses? Did you measure abundance or presence/absence of single species or many species in a community in the plots? Do you have the geographic coordinates for your plots?

Drop Marion an email ( and ask for more details to convince you that this is the best project ever. Here are some templates that show you what kind of datasets would be ideal:

Download them and see whether you could make your data fit?

Typical data sets would include measurements of (1) abundance of all frog species in various plots, set up in different forest patches (not necessarily all) in a forested landscape or (2) recordings of all bird species in a forested landscape and their presence and absence in different forest patches or (3) estimating abundance of one butterfly species across forest patches in a forested landscape. 




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