I have compiled some key information from the datasets currently compiled as the BIOFRAG database (status 09/02/2018). This will allow you to do a first simple check whether suitable data are available for whatever project idea you want to test.

Download: BIOFRAG_Meta_xls

Hopefully, the process of identifying suitable datasets, obtaining permits and downloading data will become more sophisticated, once I have moved the actual database from the Imperial College Server to the Newcastle University Server. Until then: please be patient. Contact me ( or the dataset authors for permits and I can send the data across as zipped up excel files. For streamlining, I will likely follow the protocols of GFBI and SAFE (I am a member of both initiatives) from now on: Step 1 – you send me a summary of your idea (you can be as vague as you feel appropriate), Step 2 – I send this out to all BIOFRAG contacts to check whether any of them have objections to the project, Step 3 –  I send you the datasets of all dataset authors who do not object within two weeks.